• Check your account balances and transactions:
    • Check your account balances
    • View transaction activity for checking and savings accounts – quickly and easily
  • Transfer funds between accounts:
  • Make transfers to your linked HBTX Bank accounts including checking, savings, line of credit, and installment loans.
  • Download your financial information:
    • You can download your account transactions to Quicken® financial management software for a total financial management picture
    • Online Banking through Quicken allows you to access your accounts directly through your Quicken software


    • Send payments to almost anyone you can write a check to – your dentist, your phone company, even your child in college
    • Learn more about paying your bills online
  • Check account balances
  • Read secure messages
  • Make transfers
  • View past transactions
  • Text alerts

The HomeBank Texas debit card serves you by being…


Ensure that your money can keep up with the increasing demands of your life. With a HomeBank Texas debit card, you will never be left digging for change or scrambling for a pen to write out a check. This freedom ensures your money serves your interests and leaves plenty of time for you to enjoy the things which truly matter.


Backed by world class monitoring and fraud prevention, a HomeBank Texas debit card will not only protect your money, it will also give you peace of mind when using it. The risk associated with losing your card is dramatically lower than the risk associated with losing cash or a checkbook. Your card can immediately be disabled if there is any fraud detected and a simple visit with us here at HomeBank Texas can get you back on your way with a new card in a short amount of time.


With one small card to keep up with, a HomeBank Texas debit card can greatly simplify the contents of your wallet or purse. There is no need to allocate extra space and organization for cash, change, or checkbooks. Your card is simple to use with a quick swipe and a simple pin or signature. This effective control of your money is one more step towards simplifying your life in a complex world.

Contact any of our locations for further information.


To report your Debit Card lost/stolen or for Customer Service call (972) 287-2030.

To report your Debit Card lost/stolen after hours, please call our Telephone Banking Information Line at (972) 287-9191 and follow the prompts. Your call will be directed to our vendor who can assist you in turning off your lost/stolen Debit Card.

Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay